Another Day, Another Time




We’re extremely excited to have been asked to headline a night at the Lexington (one of our favourite London venues) in support of the launch of Another Day, Another Time – celebrating The Music of Inside Llewyn Davis!

We’re playing with Fierce County and Piney Gir, and after our set will be a screening of the live concert/documentary. (This is as close as we’re ever likely to come to playing on the same bill as Marcus Mumford).

Doors are at 7ish, and entry is free, but this shows signs of being quite a busy one – so don’t leave it too late!


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EASTER: Fandango all dayer / 12 x 12 B side release Monday 21 April



As the last scraps of easter egg foil are scrunched tightly into a ball and flicked at the geekiest member of Feldspar, we prepare for the mighty Club Fandango All Dayer Easter Special at the Shacklewell Arms, London. What makes it so special? Well, their recent 12th Birthday of course! How did they celebrate? Take 12 of London’s – nay the UK’s – finest upcoming bands / songsmiths / fashion icons who also write songs (us), release a single from each of them, and put on a load of amazing live gigs for all to see. That’s how. And then after that, they forced them all dig around their CD drawers til they find an as-yet unreleased but totally awesome B-side style tune, stick em all together and you’ve got yourself a 12 track collection of some beautiful rarities from the Fierce Panda / Club Fandango stable.

Featuring bands like Desperate Journalist, Felt Tip, DeLooze, Longfellow, The Starkins, The Traps, The Machine Room, Department M, The Hosts, I am in Love and of course our slightly self conscious selves, this is an awesome collection of rarely heard B sides from bands who have previously released top singles with the label. It’s a great way to get to know a load of ace bands, and we have happily donated a live recording of our song The Hourglass.

We will be posting the link to buy this on our own website soon, but it will also available over at

For us it’s been bloody brilliant working with Fierce Panda / Club Fandango – we released our single Young and Invincible with them back in Feb – and it’s our absolute pleasure to be playing as part of their Easter special “All Dayer” alongside some of these other bands on Easter Monday itself at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston. Doors are at 4.30pm, we are on around 6.30pm but come for the whole shabang as all bands are top bananas.

Quick! Tickets still available – or on door. Buy em here if you’re fast. Cover for the 12 x 12 B side album release and a poster for the gig below.






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…and relax!


After a furiously energetic and busy couple of months which culminated in supporting the fantastic Ellen and the Escapades at The Lexington last night (above), Feldspar are pleased to have a few quiet weeks coming up in which to finally sit down for half an hour and read the paper.

In the last couple of months we busy little Feldspars have:

  • played a gig in front of Darwin and Dippy at the natural History Museum
  • played shows with some awesome bands like El Born, Longfellow, John J Presley, and of course Ellen and the Escapades…
  • …in awesome venues like The Water Rats and The Lexington
  • released the music video for Young and Invincible (thank you Craig and Ali!)
  • released a Young and Invincible as a digital download (thank you Label Fandango!)
  • been booked for a couple of festivals (details tba)
  • recorded another bloody single with the wonderful Sam Fitz. at Steam Plough Studios
  • recorded some live videos for Fortitude Magazine
  • scored a booking agent/partner
  • nearly signed on with a management (tbc)
  • made lots of groovy friends
  • eaten numerous newsworthy sausage rolls at The Three Crowns
  • been often drunk and usually jolly

- so it’s been a hell of start to 2014!

But now we have some 4-5 weeks off from gigging in which to rest and recuperate, write some new songs, design some cool new merchandise, move house (yawn) and generally get ready to smash into a red hot summer of non-stop gigs, tours and festivals! Perhaps. Most of those aren’t booked yet, but that’s the general plan, with a bit of luck.

So in the meantime we are, as always, available to listen to on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes etc, available to talk to on Facebook and Twitter, and available to interact with at the pub.

Watch this space for more exciting news very soon!

Great love



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Young and Invincible – Out Now!

DSC_5554Morning world! Our single is out TODAY! This is hugely exciting news and comes at the end of a long campaign of recording the track, playing gigs, fundraising, shooting the video, and generally getting the track out into the big wide world.

You can buy the single from our label’s website here: Club Fandango, or  iTunes. Please download the track and help us try to trouble the Top 40!

Can’t wait for the launch party on Thursday. There are still tickets available here.

Thanks to everyone for all your support. See you soon!



Young and Invincible: The Video

Feldspar Gin Still

[Watch the video here]

As soon as we’d recorded ‘Young & Invincible’ up in Cottage Road studios with Matt Peel, we knew we were going to release it as a single. Being as it is, the era of social media and YouTubes and unique views, we also knew that that meant we’d need a video.

Fortunately, we happened to know an amazing director / producer team in the shape of Craig Heathcote and Alison Somerville who we were absolutely sure would do an incredible job with our song. We worked with them to make Flat and Paper Sky (watching it still amazes me!), where they assembled an extraordinarily talented and generous crew to shoot our video on a rainy weekend in Nov 2012. Video Still Shop

So we knew we had the song and we knew we had the team. The only thing we didn’t have was the money. This being something of an inescapable problem, we retreated to a pub to review our options. After rejecting bank-robbery, blackmail of a high-profile political figure, and reckless gambling, we hit upon Pledge Music, a site that helps bands run fundraising campaigns. To be honest, I don’t think any of us really thought it was going to work – we were asking for a lot! – but the response was amazing and completely blew us away. We ended up raising 119% of our fundraising goal which meant we had extra money for the obligatory hookers and cocaine (for use in a future blackmailing project).

With money in our pockets and Craig’s brilliant treatment finalised, we were ready to shoot, by curious coincidence on exactly the same weekend we’d shot Flat and Paper the year previously. The first day of the shoot was in the beautiful Gin Still building at 3 Mills studios in Bromley.

Feldspar - Young and Invincible  - stillsIt was cold. So, so cold. We – as in the band – were ‘acting’ in pretty much all of the scenes which meant standing in our skimpily sexy outfits in the middle of the huge gin still for about ten hours. Fortunately, there was an incredible team of people with coats, warm drinks, and pink hotwater bottles on hand at all times. Also fortunately, we had superb actual actors in the form of  Imogen Rose, John Rayment, and Dominic Farrell who were consummate professionals in the face of our rank amateurism and made things go smoothly, aided by Wicksy and his camera team.

The second day was more bitty, though still busy, as we shot in various locations across North London, filming on trains, in vans, and on street corners. The last shot of the day was the only moment of panic – the light was fading and we had all arrived breathlessly at the last location. Cue an enormously fat man in a high-vis vest with two hideous dogs taking the longest I have ever seen anyone take to walk 400 meters. It was all slightly surreal and I’m sorry he didn’t make the final cut.

We really hope you enjoy watching the video. It’s been a brilliant experience making it from start to finish. There is not enough thanks in the world for us to give all the crew and everyone who pledged and everyone who gave up so much time and effort to make this happen. Let’s make the most of it and get this thing viral so next time WE’LL be in the massive RV (with or without Miley). Scroll down for more photos from the whole amazing experience.

Feldspar - Young and Invincible  - stills

Feldspar - Young and Invincible  - stills Feldspar - Young and Invincible  - stills yandi_behindscenees_mel (7) yandi_behindscenees_mel (8) yandi_behindscenees_mel (12) Brian_feldspar_YandI_behindscenes (44) Feldspar - Young and Invincible  - stills Feldspar - Young and Invincible  - stills Feldspar - Young and Invincible  - stills Brian_feldspar_YandI_behindscenes (46) Brian_feldspar_YandI_behindscenes (51) Brian_feldspar_YandI_behindscenes (57) Brian_feldspar_YandI_behindscenes (71)Cheers!



Young and Invincible on Hypemachine!











Young and Invincible is doing really well on the very excellent Hypemachine blog – straight into the top 50!

If you’re sharing the song, first of all, thank you! and second please use this Hypemachine link.

You’re ace, people. Thanks for all the support.



Young and Invincible Premieres on Mad Mackerel!









We’re very happy Feldspars this morning as our new single Young and Invincible is available for its first ever public listening on the Mad Mackerel blog.

Follow the link, have a listen, let us know what you think and then share the absolute bejesus out of it with all your friends, family, and even perfect strangers. 

Lots more exciting stuff to come including our acting début in the Young and Invincible video!



cityscapeImagine a world devoid of music. An acoustic desert, reverberating only to the ceaseless chatter of a mass of mindless humanity, going about their petty lives unpunctuated by a note, or a tune, or a song. The rattle of mass transit networks shuttling endlessly back and forth is relieved not even by a jingle at the start of a Tannoy announcement; instead a klaxon blares to alert passengers to remain vigilant against terrorists and that their service, we regret to announce, has been delayed.

At the end of the week, the people as one head out to the bars, clubs, pubs and watering holes to slake their thirst and satisfy their appetites. In the bars they listen to white noise, played ear-meltingly loud – washing their brains clean of the thoughts and bothers of the day and drowning out the tedium of the conversations going on around them. If you lean close enough you can hear what a friend – or potential mate – has to say, but with the white noise blocking out any conversation that you don’t actively choose to engage in, you are free to drift into a solitary drunken stupor, carried off on waves of rushing silent noise to the distant shore of your inescapable mortality.

Now imagine, into this hollow, creaking, clattering world, a cloud appears in an otherwise flat, unblemished sky. It seems to pulsate, as though struggling to contain the force of its storm, as it drifts across the firmament. The sky – particulate in the ionosphere reflecting the angry glow of the fires and lights of the city – appears orange. The cloud, lower in the sky, catches the last glancing rays of the setting sun and shines brilliant white.

The storm breaks. A single raindrop falls glinting toward the earth. A perfect crystal sphere formed by chance from the chaos of vapour above, existing only for a handful of precious seconds before shattering on the pavement below, never to be seen again. Did it ever even exist? Who could attest, with absolute certainty, to have witnessed that raindrop’s momentary perfection?  But this raindrop leaves more than a dark ring of concrete to commemorate its passing, for it strikes the earth with the tone of crystal bell (top C, concert pitch). Softly, delicately, surgically piercing the white, grey and brown noise around, its ringing hangs in the air and echoes in the ears for seconds after the tone itself has faded to nothing and you wonder whether you ever heard it at all or perhaps you need to talk to Dr. Flensburg about your tinnitus again.

But then a second ringing drop falls, and another, and you hear harmony for the first time in your life and your heart bursts with overwhelming joy. The drops become a rain and then a downpour, until all the music of world of the world is crashing around you in an orgiastic cacophony of Bach, Debussy, Duke Ellington, Joy Division and every other song or tune ever played, hummed, or imagined. You lie on the ground, paralytic in musical ecstasy, soaked to the skin in the cold night air but aware only that the world has changed forever.

Thousands die. Their hearts simply breaking under the weight of all the pent up emotion released in the storm. The elderly and infirm prove to be particularly vulnerable but their loved ones are reassured at least that they died in a moment of blazing blissful passion.

Thousands more take their own lives in the following weeks and months as they struggle to come to terms with the fundamental shift that has moved the world around them – unable to express the new, heady, overpowering feelings awakened in them, they retreat into dark solitude and slowly lose their minds, or they simply throw themselves from buildings to bring an end to their turmoil.

But for the survivors – what a reward! A world washed clean and reborn, reinvigorated with music and life and love. Before long you can hardly remember the before time, but no one will ever forget that day. That storm. That cloud.

Well, that is more-or-less what just happened when we updated our SoundCloud

Happy New 2014

2013 was a year of huge progress for Feldspar and we’d like, without wanting to sound too fan-obsequious, to thank everyone who was part of that. We’ve got all sorts of exciting things lined up for 2014, which we feel will be our year. Namely:


We are working closely with the ladies and gents from Fierce Panda / Fandango and have all sorts of plans up our filthy filthy sleeves.


7th Jan: GIG: Club Fandango @ Buffalo Bar “PANDAMONIUM” : onstage 8pm

25th – 26th Jan: Feldspar recording “Be That Man” at Steam Plough Studios with our good friends Fitz.

5th Feb: GIG: The Harrison, Kings Cross, with the lovely Lucy Cait and Folk Room Records

7th Feb: GIG: Capital Pie Collective info coming soon. Collaborating artists from different genres.

10th Feb: Video released for single “Young and Invincible”

13th Feb: GIG: Green Note, Camden. Feldspar onstage approx 20.30.  Supporting By Toutatis. Night run by Feldspar.

14th Feb: GIG: Live at The Institute, Kelvedon (Essex), with Joe Innes and Patrick Plunkett

24th Feb: Single release (Fandango, Digital Only)

27th Feb: SINGLE LAUNCH PARTY, Old Queen’s Head (Angel), info coming soon.

11th March: GIG: Green Note, Camden, supporting John J Presley, with The Black Feathers

AND MORE TO COME… Wishing you all an ace 2014. We leave you with one of our favourite moments of 2013.


Merry Christmas from Feldspar

From The Devil Has the Best Tuna blog… (

“Most bands when writing their Christmas song aim for an uplifting tune with choirs, bells and a chorus that’ll get your granny up out of the armchair for a dance. Thankfully Feldspar are not most bands. In a Devil exclusive I give you their unique, downbeat and incredible re-interpretation of my favourite Christmas song, In The Bleak Midwinter.

Feldspar present the other side of Christmas. The side that you don’t see in the glossy adverts that litter the TV stations at this time of the year. The loneliness, the despair, the feeling of abandonment while the rest of the world is having fun.

It is exceptionally rare for a Christmas track to end up as one of the songs of the year but then there are few Christmas songs that can move you to tears like this bleak and brilliant take on the classic carol. It’s even more rare for a Christmas video to make it as my favourite video of the year but Feldspar have managed it. If the video doesn’t make your eyes damp and your glottis expand then check your pulse because you’re either a statue or you’re dead.

Watch out for more from this London five piece in the new year because if there is any justice in this world of ours they are going to be huge.”

Thanks! And have a very merry Christmas.




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